In Dec 2007 Simon Fairlie re-asked the question posed by Scot Kenneth Mellanby in 1975: Can Britain Feed Itself? (Answer = Yes)
The results are fascinating and raise prodfound questions about personal choice, meat production and land use. You can download the pdf here.

In the context of energy descent and climate change these are urgent issues. As usual though this is nothing new, we managed to be – to a great degree self-sufficient during World War 2. Two great new exhibitions explore the way we fed ourselves in war time. The images here are from the Ministry of Food exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in London marks the 70th anniversary of the introduction of rationing and examines how the British public adapted to a world of food shortages. Memorable slogans like ‘dig for victory’ became part of national life, in a way they need to again today.

In Scotland a new exhibition tells the important story of the Women’s Land Army (WLA) and Women’s Timber Corps (WTC) in Scotland: the Land Girls and Lumber Jills who played a vital role in feeding the nation and providing timber. This exhibition runs for a year (till Feb 2011) at the National War Museum, Edinburgh Castle. All the details here.