About the project


The Seed Truck is made up of: a trusty vehicle with a collection of high quality gardening, cooking and bike-powered equipment on board, a dedicated team (the workshop facilitators and a small staff team who co-ordinate the day to day running of the project), and a wider network of growers, producers, and activists.

Here’s the workshop team:

• The Gardener: Rob Davidson

• The Composter: Sam Jess of Greenway

• The Herbalist, Forager, Gardener: Elspeth Killin.

• The Storytelling Cook: Marie Louise Cochrane  , a.k.a Mrs Mash the Storytelling Cook

• The Artist: Hannah Ayre

• The Permaculture Designer (and handyman): James Chapman

• The Bicycle Engineer, Handyman and Seed Truck Co-ordinator: Fergus Walker

We have also been joined at various stages by the esteemed Ron Gilchrist, Marylou Anderson, Alasdair MacDougall, Owen Pilgrim, Sheila Kinninmonth, and lots of fantastic volunteers who have helped us along the way – not to mention lots of great craftspeople, growers, writers, suppliers and other good people. Thanks to you all.


  • If you are interested in the next chapter in the story of the Seed Truck, have a look at what is happening at Common Good Food (which has grown out of the work of the Seed Truck).



Each member of the team has something unique to bring to the vision of sowing the seeds of a better food system, so our workshops have changed and improved over time.

01 Ecological Design

• Permaculture Garden Design

• Introduction to Permaculture workshop

• Art and craft workshops to bring your garden to life, using recycled materials

02 Soil and compost

• Building raised beds (and other garden infrastructure)

• How to build a Wormbox and care for your worms (Vermiculture)

• How to build an insulated Hotbox and make excellent compost, quick!

02 sowing growing

We run workshops on many aspects of growing your own food, including: Vegetables, Herbs, Fruit (plants, bushes and trees), Wildflowers and other beneficial plants.

• Planning what to grow and where

• Sowing and propagating

• Planting out

• Gardeners’ Question Time

03 wild harvest

• Foraging for edible plants

• Hedgerow herbal remedies you can make in your kitchen

04 processing

We have some fun and wacky pedal powered machines which bring to life what is often a complicated industrial process. We have:

• The Mill Bike – turn your own wheat, oats or other grains into fresh nutritious flour.

• The Smoothie Bike – Make delicious smoothies from seasonal fruit, blend soups or pizza sauce, while also generating electricity for lights or sound.

05 feast story

• Mrs Mash the Storytelling Cook has a tale to fit every occasion, and is also famous for her hospitality – whether its whipping up some delicious pancakes to cook on our portable stove, making gazpacho on the Smoothie Bike, or making porridge from the magic porridge pot.

• We also have musicians, singers and other artists within the team who can all contribute to a good party!




about our kit

Lots of people have asked us where we got the weird and wonderful things we bring out at events and workshops, so here is some information:


This is a Renault Master box van that has been converted to be a mobile tool store and workshop. The livery of the vehicle was designed by D8 in Glasgow.


The tent is hand made by Past Tents and was an ex-hire Large Pavilion tent. If you are quick, I was told, you can put it up in twenty minutes, and take it down even quicker. It generally takes us about half an hour each way. You also need quite a big vehicle to cart it all about – but it should last longer than most of us if well looked after, and has already survived one bout of gale-force winds! Find out more at www.pasttents.com


This fantastic little portable wood stove is called a Frontier Stove, and we got it from Bell Tents UK along with a great little hot water boiler/tea urn that fits on the chimney, and an adapter for fitting the stove to the tent. The scariest bit is cutting the hole in the tent! Find out more at www.belltent.co.uk


The Seed Truck commissioned a new Smoothie machine which was designed and built by Glasgow-based bike designer Uula Jero. It was designed to be easily adjustable for different leg lengths, facilitate the rapid dispensing of smoothies at festivals such as the Big Tent, be able to cope with tough Scottish berries (such as frozen gooseberries) and make a splash. It has built into it a small generator that can power a sound system or lights. Find out more on Uula’s website Tools for a simple life.


The Mill Bike was designed and built by the Seed Truck co-ordinator Fergus Walker. It was made for a degree in Product Design at Dundee University and arose out of the need for smaller scale processing of grain as identified by the Fife Diet. Designed as a community mill as part of the Food Gym concept, and although the mill is efficient in producing flour, it is not suited so well to trailing round the length and breadth of Scotland, because it weights so much! Oh, well they do say milling flour warms you three times… Find out more at www.ferguswalker.com