Seed Truck is currently 100% grant funded. Part of our current funding is dedicated towards finding a more long-term sustainable financial footing for the project. We want to consider and assess a wide range of possible options for how the Seed Truck could go forward and to boil this down into a well worked out business strategy.

We estimate an annual running cost of approx £80,000 based on the current model and practice, with one full-time and several freelance workshop facilitators, including some reduced administrative costs and running costs and equipment.  We believe this mixed model is the answer to the Seed Truck’s long-term sustainability and viability, allowing it to continue as a stand alone project from March 2015.  We are inviting tenders for a fundraising and development consultant to work for a concentrated period of time in the first half of 2014, exploring possible revenue streams for the Seed Truck beyond March 2015, including for example:

  • Applying for public funding
  • Exploring private sector funding options that would provide enough revenue to still offer free workshops to schools and community groups, including charging for some workshops (for example for corporate team building days), and corporate sponsorship .
  • Exploring the possibility of setting up a service-level agreement with one or more councils, or the Scottish Government to deliver core services.
  • Exploring work for CCF and other grant funded projects.
  • Exploring alternative management structures for the Seed Truck e.g. co-operative, charity, collective etc.

We are looking for a candidate who has the following experience and skills:

  •  Experience of helping similar projects move from grant funded to social enterprise models.
  •  Wide knowledge of a range of social and community enterprise projects.
  •  Knowledge of a wide range of organisational models and their strengths and weaknesses.
  •  Understanding of the delicate balance between mission and money.
  •  Experience of participatory co­design and facilitation.

The main tasks of the consultancy will be:

  •  Desk­based review of a range of similar projects who have successfully moved from grant to mixed funding models.
  •  Facilitation of a meeting of Seed Truck stakeholders to gather a full picture of their skills, potential engagement and views.
  •  Advisory document, laying out the range of possible routes for the Seed Truck with their relative merits and challenges.
  •  Facilitation of a meeting with Seed Truck stakeholders to agree on the preferred route.
  •  Completion of a 3 year business plan.

There are 30 days work available for this project.

Please send a CV and letter highlighting how your experience would support this project and outlining your approach to Meg Elphee, Closing date: 20th June. Applicants may also be required to come to an interview.


Here is the Secret Garden-like entrance to Girvan Community Garden, with a path made from salvaged old pavement slabs.

Salvaged path to Girvan Community Garden

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