• 21/03/14
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Eva1We’re delighted to announce that Eva Schonveld has been appointed as our Development Co-ordinator replacing Teresa Martinez, who is soon to leave to have her baby.

Eva brings huge experience to the post having worked previously at Artlink, helped to found PEDAL, the first Transition initiative in Scotland, and been a driving force behind Nourish Scotland, and setting up the Edinburgh Local Food Network.

She has worked in com­munity devel­op­ment and involve­ment pro­jects for the past 24 years and from 2008-2011 she was the co-ordinator of Transition Scotland Support where she moved mountains to bring Transition groups together.

We send a bon voyage and very best wishes to our lovely Teresa who has brought a shining light to the Fife Diet – kept us steady and  given us huge support. At the same time we give a very warm welcome to Eva, who starts next month who we’re so pleased to have join our team.