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The formal bit of our AGM at Cupar presented our financial report for approval by those present, gave an annual report to our members and also appointments to our governing committee.

Management Committee

Standing down from our management committee was Colin Lindsay, who received great thanks for his time and effort, which is greatly appreciated. Standing down as Chair was Wendy Gudmundsson, who is however remaining as a board member. She has been replaced by Tara O Leary as Chair. All other members stood down and were reappointed without opposition. New board members who were put forward and seconded were Kevin O Kane and Neil Stoddart who we welcome to the committee (see biog details below). Neil Stoddart was seconded by Allan Thompson. Kevin O’Kane was seconded by Suzy Goodsir. Allan Thompson approved the accounts.


Our Cupar cafe

Kevin O Kane Kevin works for Fife Council as a Greenspace Officer. His remit to improve public greenspace. In 2012, he set up, through his work with Fife Council EATS ( Edible And Tasty Spaces) A project to grow and use, flowers, fruit, herbs and vegetables in public spaces. The aim is for the public to freely harvest the produce. The project started in Kirkcaldy and has inspired EATS in Markinch and Broxburn ( West Lothian). EATS inspired beds in Newburgh were given awards by Beautiful Fife & Beautiful Scotland. Partners in Kirkcaldy EATS are Greener Kirkcaldy, SAMH, NHS, Kingdom Housing, Growing Kirkcaldy. The best observation from EATS was a girl running from the swings in Ravenscraig Park, Kirkcaldy to pick blackcurrants in the EATS.

Kevin is passionate about increasing the amount of food grown in public spaces and for this to be freely shared by everyone. Kevin first wrote about urban orchards in Reforesting Scotland in 1998, imagining a time of being able to pick an apple for his lunch from a public park.

Neil Stoddart Neil began his food adventures in certain deli in Edinburgh run by Joanna Blythman. A real baptism of fire into the foodie world at a time when Artisan and Organic were rarely associated to food.

He then went on to work in a soft fruit wine co-op in North East Fife. This venture drew on a different skill set as industrial process, branding & marketing were required.

Many years later on his return to Fife, he was a founding member of North Howe transition Toun, out of which the Doorstep bakery sprang. Set up as a volunteer based Social Enterprise, this bakery has been making organic quality products for the last four years, with the addition of a mobile pizza truck, the Doorstep bakery can truly be brought to your doorstep.

Neil recently took up a post in Dundee with the local Social Enterprise Network, where he provides support and guidance to the new & aspiring Social Enterprises.

Our current management committee is as follows: Tara O Leary, Wendy Gudmundsson, Ingrid Schebesch, Joanna Blythman, Serge Marti, Kevin O Kane, Neil Stoddart.

You can read our Constitution here.

Annual Report March 2012 -2013

Staff Report for 2013

This is the team report from Elly Kinross, Fergus Walker and Mags Hall covering the past years work in their respective areas: growing, the Seed Truck and membership and outreach.

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Financial Statement for April 2012 – March 2013.