barley ready to harvest

By Mike Small

We’re not going anywhere soon but after 2015 Fife Diet will cease to exist as a funded, centrally staffed organisation. And we think that’s no bad thing.

Grassroots movements with real resilience need to have a life of their own and not just be grant dependent. Now, with our mass membership and with key legacy ideas streaming out of the project it’s time to go out on our own. As Dougald Hine has written:

circles1-150x150“Once upon a time, organisations had hard edges: it was clear who was on the inside and who was on the outside. This might still be true for legal purposes, but it no longer reflects the reality in many cases.”

So we’re using this opportunity at the Food for the Future event to really explore what the Fife Diet might look like without funding and without staff. Over to you.

We’re hosting an Open Space session to hear whatever ideas people have about continuing elements of Fife Diet work or developing new ones. What would you like to see happen and what part can you play?

Open Space is a great way of facilitating discussion, you can read some details of how it works here.


In the meantime we have a stack of work to do including developing the Fife Food Co-op, creating a new Food manifesto to inform policy, our ongoing work with the Seed Truck project, continuing to nurture our community gardens in Kirkcaldy and Burntisland and working with others on our school meals pilot.