Fife Diet AGM and Ceilidh, Saturday 15th February 2014
The Corn Exchange, Cupar – From 12 Noon, Ceilidh from 8pm
When you hear the future of food and farming being discussed it’s almost always in terms of ‘production’ ‘yield’ and the feeding of the ‘9 billion’. The terms of the debate have been hijacked to be focused entirely on how to ‘grow more’ and ‘increase production’. Inevitably this leads us into the hands of technology, a sometimes nightmarish space where GM and meat labs are provided as ready-made solutions. The future we’re told will be ‘solved’ by ‘experts’.

The aim of our gathering in Cupar is to counter the idea that the future of food is always tied to technology and instead explore what it might look like if it was located in place, inspired by cultural knowledge and empowered by food sovereignty.

The problems aren’t technical problems, so they can’t be and won’t be solved by technology. The future of food won’t be solved by experts; it will be reclaimed by us all.

The event will include a facilitated discussion on the future of the Fife Diet (using Open Space), announcing a new Fife Food Co-op and our new food manifesto for 2014.


Downstairs we will have an array of fun activities including storytelling with Mrs Mash; the Seed Truck Mill Bike; a cafe and advice clinic; book signings with Catherine Brown, author of Scottish Seafood: its history and cooking, and others; food prep and tasting! Local artist, Charlotte Duffy (A Waste of Paint Productions), has created a very special pop up shop that will enable us to envisage a better way to buy our food.

The evening meal will be made of the finest local and seasonal ingredients – food that knows it’s come from and knows where it’s going …

Our keynote speaker is writer and broadcaster Lesley Riddoch, author of ‘Blossom, What Scotland Needs to Flourish’.

Please note the afternoon event is completely free, but we do require you to book. We will be asking for a donation for the evening ceilidh.

You can sign up for both here.

We very much look forward to seeing you there!

Date and time
Saturday 15th February, 12:00
Evening ceilidh 8pm
Cupar Corn Exchange
St. Catherines Street.
KY15 4BT
Soup & Welcome 12pm
Review of the Year & AGM 1pm
Fife Diet Futures – Open Space – Fife Diet workshops
Dinner 5pm
Speaker: 6.30 – 7.30pm

Ceilidh 8 -11