• 06/01/14
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In March we will be saying “Hasta luego” to Dr Maria Teresa Martinez Dominguez with a package of bunnets and booties and a big bundle of love to welcome her little bundle of love.  This means that we are now looking for a new Project Co-Ordinator to help the Fife Diet team to continue with the good work, up until the end of March 2015.

The main requirements of this position are to manage and coordinate key work streams and oversee project finance and administration as well as engaging with partners and the community.  We require a covering letter stating why you are keen and able to work in this role with the Fife Diet, plus a CV of no more than two sides. Two references are required and shall be contacted if you are successful.  Please note this is a part time post of three days per week.

Please share this with your friends if you know someone suitable for the post.

Go here for the full job description and send your applications to meg@maryland.cochranfirmcriminaldefense.com.

Closing date is 24th January at 9:00am.