The ‘Business’ of Feeding the 9 Billion

  • 08/10/13
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One World Week Lunch, in association with Cupar Justice and Peace Group

Saturday 19th October, 11.15am 

Cupar Old Parish Centre, Kirk Wynd, Cupar

Have you been following the ‘Enough food for everyone IF’ campaign this year? Over 200 charities and organisations came together to put pressure  on the global government at this year’s G8 meeting in Belfast, asking them to address the huge inequalities in the world food system which sees more than 3 million children die every year of malnutrition, despite the world producing more than enough food to feed itself.

The Fife Diet is pleased to be teaming up with the Cupar Justice and Peace Group this October as part of their annual lunch for One World Week, which this year is inspired by the IF campaign. Looking in detail at the issue of food sovereignty, the post-lunch talk will be delivered by our very own Dr Teresa Martinez, Fife Diet’s Project Co-ordinator, under the heading ‘The ‘Business of Feeding the 9 Billion – Food Security Vs Food Sovereignty in a Time of Global Agricultural Change‘. Ever wanted to know how local food fits in with the global picture, and what our broken food system here in the UK has in common with the challenges faced by developing countries around the world? Come along to hear Teresa talk, and find out!

The Fife Diet team will be helping prepare a lunch showcasing the best of local produce and fairtrade food from around the world. This will be a great opportunity to meet other Fife Diet members, and also find out about the work of the Justice and Peace Group, which is open to members of all churches and none, who are interested in campaigning on issues of global justice.

Tickets are available in advance, with a suggested donation of £3 going towards the Fatima Mission in Zimbabwe. To reserve your ticket, email


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  • Catherine Gray October 19, 2013 at 17:44

    Sorry I did not get this date in time to join you. Hope the day was a success. Happy to keep in touch about future events!