• 05/10/13
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By Mike Small

At the Fife Diet we’re proud to be part of the global 350 Movement. The IPCC report this week was the starkest warning (as if anyone need one) of the crisis we’re in.

Many of us found inspiration from the work of Bill McKibben, the movements founder, an American writer who was one of the very first people to really understand what was happening with climate change. His seminal work ‘The End of Nature’ was published in 1989. Since then there’s been a slew of books from him including ‘Fight Global Warming Now: The Handbook for Taking Action in Your Community’ (2007) and ‘Enough: Staying Human in an Engineered Age’ (2003) and more recently ‘Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet’ - to name just three.

billmckNow Bill and the 350 Movement are coming to Scotland with the message: “If it’s wrong to wreck the climate, then it’s wrong to profit from that wreckage.”

This autumn, McKibben – will lead the Fossil Free Europe Tour. From Berlin to Amsterdam – then to Edinburgh on the 30th October. As with previous sell-out tours in the USA and Australia, he will make the case for how the core business model of the fossil fuel industry is destroying our climate, and poses the greatest threat humanity has ever faced.

This won’t be a typical lecture, but a multi-media experience that will help galvanise the movement. McKibben will bring together, on stage and on video, an impressive group of social movement leaders, organisers, climate scientists, and opinion leaders to make the case that divesting from fossil fuel companies is not just morally just, but ecologically and economically smart. He will do so in collaboration with local movement leaders and live musical performances from the ground-breaking artist Filastine.

Book your tickets here.

Here’s Bill talking about the farmers market movement in America and Wendell Berry…


Here’s his famous, brilliant and scarey Rolling Stone article ‘Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math’ from 2012 with 6577 comments – which shook America.

The Fife Diet will be issuing carbon briefings all across the time of the event about how you can all be part of a restorative practice and the ‘once in a species’ opportunity’ to change.