• 20/09/13
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By Darragh McHugh

A repeated accusation against local food is it’s too expensive and ‘inconvenient’. We’ve been making some price comparisons, a snap-shot of prices between different supermarkets and one of our our local veg box suppliers.

We were surprised when the local veg box (Bellfield Organics) beat the supermarkets in like-for-like prices of organic produce. You also have to take into account that the box is delivered free of charge to your door, and in Bellfield’s case, using recycled chip fat oil to fuel their vans.

Comparing a standard £15.00 of seasonal local organic veg from Bellfield we found them to beat Tesco (£15.57), Asda (£15.36) and Sainsbury’s (£18.78) for the equivalent shop-bought veg.

So you know exactly where your food’s coming from and at an affordable price. Check our map to get your food sorted.