• 08/08/13
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broccoli1Project Broccoli stage 2 – we have more broccoli saved from being thrown away due to the national broccoli glut.

Come and get it tomorrow Friday from 9 – 3 pm at the Fife Diet office down by the station, Office 6, Old Station House, Forth Place, Burntisland…

3 for £2.00
10 for £5.00
20 for £7.50
or a catering box
45 heads for £12.50

These are bargain prices subsidising the bulk of the crop being given away to Edinburgh Cyrenian’s FoodShare project which gives the food away to charities across Lothian and Fife.

Special thanks to Ian Crombie at Over Rankeilour Farm by Cupar who are supplying the broccoli.

Call Darragh on 01592 871 371 or darragh@maryland.cochranfirmcriminaldefense.com