Dispatches from Crail Food Festival

  • 26/06/13
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Crail food festival
By Fergus Walker

Just over a week ago the Fife Diet contingent (along with the Seed Truck) returned from the Crail Food Festival  – and what a glorious day it was! The harbour was packed, and the happy throng that had appeared from every corner of the Kingdom and beyond, were intent on having their fill of the feast of sights, smells and tastes that were on offer. A colourful jamboree of stalls, tents and portable kitchens lined the harbour edge, filling the air with a delicious reek. There was much to take in as you meandered round, but you had to be quick – for there were several hundred other folk that had just spied the same wild pigeon wrap as you!

Here is a wee photographic documentation of the day from from the vantage point of the Fife Diet stall, where you could come to make your own hand-cranked (or rather foot cranked) Fife berry smoothie (with Pittormie fruit) on our laid back smoothie bike, or join a foraging walk with Mark Williams of Galloway Wild Foods. There is a fantastic blog about the wild food foraged, with photos, by the Foodie Quine here.

Fife Diet at Crail 2013

The Fife Diet stall. Here you can see the harbour start to fill up as folk flood in from all corners of the land

Mags at Crail 2013

The lovely Mags stands at the Fife Diet membership desk, ready for a day of food action

Harbour Crail 2013

Here, a view of some of the stalls at the festival. Photo courtesy of Crail Food Festival facebook page

Fergus at Crail 2013

Fergus shows the magic ingredient for the smoothies – Sweet Cicely, an abundant wild plant, foraged by Mark. Nice aniseed taste – and free!

Pittormie Fruit at Crail 2013

The bounty of Fife Fruit courtesy of Pittormie Fruit Farm. At this time only the strawberries were ripe – the rest were frozen from last season – but as tasty as the day they were picked (and just about as nutritious, I’m told), but most of all , nice and cold on a hot summer’s day. Another prime ingredient in the Fife Smoothie was Aberdour Honey

Smoothie Bike at Crail 2013

The smoothie bike in action – all the colours of the rainbow

Mark Williams at Crail 2013

Mark Williams of Galloway Wild Foods showing off his wild sushi with great pride (and rightly so). Sorry about the red tinge tent effect Mark!

Wild Sushi at Crail 2013

The public get to taste the wild sushi

Sea Kale at Crail 2013

Sea Kale – a little known Scottish delicacy. Well worth the hunt, and it’s perennial, too.

Pizza sauce at Crail 2013

The best bit of the day – making pizza sauce for the Doorstep bakery with pedal power. A dreadful mishap resulted in all of Neil Stoddart’s pizza sauce falling to the ground – but some quick thinking with Little Herb Farm herbs, some tomatoes, and a the Fife Diet laid back smoothie bike saved the day.

Doorstep Bakery at Crail 2013

Mmmm, pizza!

The Fife Diet Crail 2013 team

The Fife Diet/ Seed Truck team – Fergus, Jess, Mark, and Mags