• 25/06/13
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soupy‘TestTown’ is a new competition for young people throughout the UK aged between 16 and 25 to put forward their own ground-breaking ideas to redesign the future UK high street. The top 10 finalist teams with the most exciting ideas will be shortlisted in April with the climax of the competition taking place across three days in Dunfermline, Scotland this weekend.

The 10 teams will take over vacant town centre space, and trade with real consumers. The winners, who do the best job of turning their ideas into reality, will walk away with £10,000 to take their idea to market for real.

Local lad Kyle Finlayson has come up with a great idea and we are urging anybody and everybody to go and support him – spread the word – and go and get your soup from him.

“We will sell 5 different soups and over the course of the weekend the ingredients for these will be chopped and prepared in front of you fresh for you too take home to make it instantly.

My idea is to have a store that sells ingredients for soups using local and seasonal produce. The idea would be to have a large display with types of soups with the ingredients of where the customer would decide what type of soup they wanted. Then there would be somebody who can be visually seen by customers chopping fresh produce and cutting the quantities needed for each soup.”

Dunfermline’s Soup Kitchen will run at 26 Bruce Street from this Friday 28th – Sunday 30th June.