Non Horse Meat Cook Book

  • 10/04/13
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Beremeal, spinach, egg - Cafe St Honore 3

Beremeal Bannock, Organic Spinach, Free-range Poached Egg, from Neil Forbes, Cafe St Honoré

Just as it appeared that the industry spin was working it’s magic: “The proportion of people who say they will change their shopping habits – or claim they would buy more fresh meat, cut down on ready meals or avoid products from companies linked to the scare – has dropped from 52% at the height of the furore to 47%” (see here) – today a new element to the food scandal emerged.

Today it was revealed that the veterinary drug phenylbutazone was found in Asda corned beef. Incredibly, three months in, nobody appears to have an explanation or, or control over our food supply. What we get instead is endless ‘We’re Sorry’ adverts from food-profiteers.

Well, we’re sorry too.

Anyway, let’s get on with creating the new better transparent food system as the old one collapses.

Last month we announced plans for the world’s first crowd-sourced Non-Horse Meat cook book. We already have fantastic recipes from Neil Forbes of  Cafe St Honoré, Nick Nairn, Sascha Grierson, Karen Small, Colin Lindsay, Caudia at Just Love Food Leith, Hayley the Wee Cook, Catherin Lindow, Elly Kinross, Teresa Martinez, Mark Williams, Suzanne O’Connor from Slow Food Chefs Alliance and loads of others – but please keep them coming.

The idea is that we get cooks from all over to suggest dishes.

Here’s the criteria: a savoury main course dish, can be meat or non meat (if meat it should be a cheaper cut or an innovative use of meat), should be affordable (should be able to feed 4 people for about £5 or less), must be seasonal.

The book will be launched in June and all contributors will be invited.

We need you to help with the project by submitting recipes and promoting this link.

The idea is to prove that we can have food that is affordable but that doesn’t depend on industrialised ready-meals and processed food. Send your suggestions to marked ‘Cook Book’ in the subject.