50 wildfoodsfront

At our AGM last year we had hoped to bring Mark Williams of Galloway Wild Foods to do a wild food walk. Unfortunately he was unwell at the time and unable to come (nothing to do with wild food!) so we are delighted that he’s coming now to do the first of several collaborations in Fife starting this May.

We’ll probably try and do one in the summer and one in the autumn.

Mark writes: “My interest in all things foodie has led to jobs as a fisherman, smoker, chef,  full-time wild food forager and now a dairy maid.  I have led forays for the National Trust and RSPB and written cookery and wild food columns for various publications and consulted and appeared on several wild food programs.”

The event will include a long walk so will probably only be suitable for older children. We’ll be collecting wild food then eating together.

Do you want to learn how to find, identify,  harvest and cook delicious wild food?

Go here for all the details and to book your place for Sunday 5th May.

The event will raise money for Reforesting Scotland.

Note this event is for Fife Diet members only. No dogs allowed (sorry).