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  • 22/02/13
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Fife Diet Media Release on the growing Horse meat scandal (22/02/2013).

Given the fast-moving processed meat ‘crisis’ and revelations about horse in Scottish school meals we believe the time is ripe for an urgent and fundamental re-evaluation of school meal procurement and the suspension of companies implicated in the horse meat scandal.

The response so far is utterly inadequate, defensive, undemocratic and lacking in transparency []

We therefore call for …

1) A more fundamental re-evaluation of school meals provision and a more robust response to this crisis. In light of the Renfrewshire Council case, contracts for any business found to be providing horse meat to Scottish schools should be immediately suspended until a proper inquiry takes place.


2) An assessment of how big companies sponsor Scotland’s Food and Drink events and by turn dominate this agenda. ASDA, a company heavily implicated in the horse meat scandal is sponsoring a food excellence award in Scotland:


We ask that all companies implicated with the horse meat scandal step down from sponsorship of Scotland Food and Drink events.

3) We need a more diverse leadership representation on the ‘expert food groups’ set up by Richard Lochhead beyond Quality Meat Scotland, to avoid the impression that this is the meat industry investigating the meat industry.


4) Scotland has a historic opportunity when it launches consultation on the new FSA body next week. It’s one that must have a radically different remit and outlook if we’ve to capitalise on the fantastic produce we have in this country. We all deserve food that’s safe, healthy, good for the planet and ethically produced.