Here’s an absolute jumble of great foody things online …

America is both the best and worst of food issues and responses. Take the wonderful FIX FOOD which we’ve just stumbled across. Their strapline: ‘Our food supply is convenient, abundant and cheap. But there are hidden costs you don’t see at the check out counter. We’re getting sick and our communities and environment are suffering‘ could have been written by Fife Diet. Find out more about them here:

Less political & more foodie is the Food 52 which started as the first crowd-sourced cookbook. Great recipes and we like them because this is not about chefs and experts but essentially a ‘community of cooks’, see more about them here:

Random, but still about sharing, we also like this Open Source Food site:

Closer to home the re-jigged website of the ever-expanding Earthy Shop (forage-nourish-share) has a lovely recipe section. Check their Braised Red Cabbage or their Celeriac Dauphinoise or this lovely Welsh Lamb Cawl (pictured).

Still in the capital, our friends over at FloraMedica are running a Winter Wellbeing workshop - ‘boost your vitality, top up your immune system and combat stress and low mood through the winter months – without spending a fortune on vitamins and supplements.’

Finally Stephen Jardine’s Taste Communications (@TasteComms) is running a comp looking for Scottish food heroes for 2012. Who do you think? Is it Joanna Blythman for relentless campaigning for real food? Is it Rob Edwards for exposing the disasters of the Salmon industry? Or maybe Mike Lean and Donnie Maclean for producing the world’s first nutritionally balanced pizza?

You have your ‘vote’ by suggesting on twitter via the hashtag: #scottishfoodheroes

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