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By Mags Hall

The time is upon us once again to dig out your kilt, brush the dust off that bottle of Glayva and celebrate our national day! And whilst we tend to favour Burns night for a party in these parts, St Andrew’s Day is a great excuse to get the family together and celebrate some local, traditional recipes. So if you’ve got a few hours spare today, why not knock up this  bill of fare, suggested by F. Marian McNeill in her 1929 book The Scots Kitchen. I particularly like the thought of a dressed lambs head served along side ‘Blancmange, in a China Punch Bowl’. Not sure I could manage all these courses myself, but I’d sure have a go…

Suggested Bill of Fare for St. Andrew’s Day, Burns Clubs, or Other Scottish National Dinners.

First Course

Friar’s Chicken, or Scots Brown Soup

Braised Turkey

Brown Fricassee of Duck     Potted Game     Minced Collops


Salt cod, with Egg Sauce     Chicken Pie     Crimped Skate

Smoked Tongue     Tripe in White Fricassee

Salt Caithness Goose, or Solan Goose

Sheep’s Head Broth

Two Tups’ [Sheeps] Heads and Trotters

Haunch of Venison or Mutton, with Wine Sauce and Currant Jelly

Second Course

Roast Fowls, with Drappit Egg, or Lamb’s Head Dressed

Buttered Partans [Crabs]     Small Pastry     Stewed Onions

Calves-foot Jelly     Rich Eating Posset     Blancmange, in a China Punch Bowl

Apple-puddings in Skins     Small Pastry     Plum-damas [Prune] Pie

A Black Cock, or three Ptarmigan

Fancy having a go at some of these recipes yourself? We’ve a copy of The Scots Kitchen to give away as part of our Seasonal Eatings Recipe Swap. Send us your best recipes for local, seasonal food at Christmas and New Year to, and you could see your recipes up on our website.

Does anyone out there have a special family recipe for Tups’ Heads and Trotters, or Crimped Skate?! Let us know!