Thank you to everyone who took part in our recent members survey! We had a fantastic response with well over 100 of you taking the time to fill it in.

The winner of the free lunch for two at the fabulous Wee Restaurant (pictured) in North Queensferry is Marina Stewart from Dunfermline. This lovely restaurant in North Queensferry bases its tasty menus around local produce and is a great showcase to see what can be done with what Fife produce.

The survey is part of our reflection which included events like the Your Fife Diet workshop at the Food Solutions conference.

The survey and feedback has given us excellent food for thought. There are a few key messages and opportunities that we are taking from from the survey and are hoping to develop.

The stand-out food groups that are posing a problem to you are grains and pulses and fruit. We are hoping to support the growers in Fife to produce more grains and pulses and top fruit and to create better networks for delivery and distribution of soft fruit around the region.

We are also developing a pilot project in Kirkcaldy in partnership with Greener Kirkcaldy to make use of unused fruit form garden’s around the town. If this pilot is successful we will be looking for further opportunities to support similar projects in other parts of Fife.

The results show that convenience when shopping is the biggest factor in sourcing your food. We will be developing ideas that aim to make local food more convenient to buy.

We will also be developing opportunities to bring to market some of those local products that you told us you would like. Those which we had the most interest in were: mushrooms, peppers, yoghurt, oatmeal, beans/pulses and organic meat.

We will be making some changes to our producers map which will address some of these areas so look out for that. Please contact elly@maryland.cochranfirmcriminaldefense.com if you have other ideas about what you want from the Fife Diet or how to innovate the local food network.