plum and cinammon flapjackfront

By Louise Oliver

Full of the nutritious, cheap and plentiful Oat, flapjacks are great to cook in a batch at the start of the week . Both adults and kids alike can combat the mid morning slump with a home-made flapjack cut to size. Far tastier than shop bought varieties you can pack your flapjacks with whatever seeds, fresh or dried fruit, and nuts that you love. They will also store happily in the cupboard for at least a week.

One of my baking heroes Sue Lawrence has some great tips for flapjacks:

– Remove them from the oven while they are still a little soft in the centre, as they harden during cooling.

-Use a combination of whole (rolled) jumbo oats and pinhead oatmeal, but never more than a 1/3 whole oats as the mixture is too crumbly to cut well.

Armed with this advice I have a few seasonal recipes of my own:

Apple and cinnamon (see recipe here)

Plum and cinnamon (pictured)

Next stop pear and ginger.