Our Food Solutions gathering is all about bringing together consumers and producers to connect-up the local food economy. We’ve invited a great lineup of farmers, growers and small enterprises – ranging from small start-ups, brand new innovators to larger well established producers.  We’ve made sure we have a range of food groups represented including bread, oats, pork, vegetables, fruit and chilli. ‘Meet the Producer’ is just one of a packed programme of workshops on the day.  You sign up on the day for individual workshops but if you haven’t already, book your place at the conference now as it’s selling out fast. 

We are exploring how to connect consumers and producers, what are the challenges growers face and where can we innovate?

Bruce Bennet from Pillars of Hercules organic farm by Auchtermuchty. Pillars has been providing hundreds of Fife Diet members with their weekly shopping, Pillars has been a leading light in organic farming in Scotland for a long time.

Come meet the man who grows your food. Go here to order a Pillars veg box.

Chillilicious is Scotland’s first and only chilli farm, the most Northerly chilli farm in the UK. It’s run by Patricia and Stacey Galfskiy, who produce a delicious range of chilli food products.

We think it’s a fantastic example of how we can innovate food and Fife – growing something completely new and create a thriving business.

Go here for a tour of the whole Chillicious experience.

Pittormie Farm grows raspberries, tayberries, strawberries, gooseberry, brambles, loganberry, currants and a whole load more.

Come meet fruit farmer Gillian Cameron and hear how Fife produces some fantastic soft fruit. Go here to buy your fruit and visit Pittormie Farm.

John Picken grows oats at five-hundred-acre Priorletham, located just to the south of St Andrews, supplies Quaker Oats and Fife family bakers Fisher & Donaldson. That relationship began during a conversation with Sandy Milne, a director of the bakery, about the importance of localism.

Picken says: ‘I asked him why he didn’t buy his oats in Fife and that was that, we now supply them with 100 tons a year. I keep telling Sandy he has the best oats in the country!’

Tom Mitchell runs Puddledub Pork at Clentrie Farm by Auchtertool. A well kent face at farmers Markets and promoting Fife produce he’s been an innovator and boasts rave reviews for his expanding range of pork goods. Tom says: “All of our pigs are bred and reared at Clentrie, fed on Barley and bedded on loose straw, which we grow in our fields. We believe produce with low food miles that hasn’t been shipped half way around the world is tastier. All of our Pork is hung for up to 10 days which allows the flavour to develop fully and help us produce truly marvellous pork to be enjoyed.”

For deliveries and how to order go here.

Steamie Bakehouse has been producing a range of ‘naturally leavened wholegrain breads’ since 2009. Matthew Roberts and Zillah Scot are Fife Diet members who set up their own food business.

Matthew bakes in the bakery and develops the software, whilst Zillah develops new recipes at home, takes photos and runs the office. Their approach is simple: “Wholegrain flours are stoneground flours containing nothing more than the ground-up grain berries. Nothing removed and nothing added. We think that wholegrain flours produce the best breads: they taste better, keep you going longer and last for ages.”

Go here to see the range of breads available. Or here to find a Bread Club near you.