• 29/10/12
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A public debate has been planned by Christopher Trotter, Fife’s Food Ambassador at the Simpson Institute, Upper Largo on November 15th  at 7.30pm Here’s the blurb, do come along…

The motion is: ‘This house believes that there should be an immediate halt on any further supermarkets in Scotland’.

The proposer is MIKE SMALL

Mike Small is the founder of the Fife Diet, Europe’s largest local food movement. He is a freelance writer and researcher on democracy, ecology and innovation, he also writes for Open democracy and the Guardian. The opposer is GORDON RENNIE

Gordon Rennie Farms a 700 ACRE arable farm near St Monans in Fife he holds the UK record for wheat yield of 5.7 tonnes / acre  Gordon is chairman of the Potato Committee of the Scottish Society for Crop Research and is an ex governor of the Scottish Society For Crop Research Dundee. In 1994 he was awarded a Nuffield Farming Scholarship to New Zealand to study “Farming without subsidies”.