Local Food Solutions 2012

  • 25/10/12
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Come along to our fab food festival ‘Food Solutions’, on Saturday 10 November. We have some delicious food for you including the seasonal, scrumptious and award-winning Wild Rover Foods.

It’s free to come but you need to book your place now (!) Go here to for more details and to book yourself in…

Some of the workshops on the day will include:

  • How to Set Up a Food Co-op practical advice and ideas on how to do it. Save money and club together with collective buying power
  • Meet the Producer face to face discussion with the people who grow your food. What do you love and what do you need more of from your veg box/farm shop/local producer?
  • Being the Change food and carbon reduction – where are we making a difference? How can we have a bigger impact? Come get geeky with us.
  • Wild Food Walk with Mark Williams, of Galloway Wild Foods. Come explore the free food on your doorstep with Scotland’s foremost wild food expert.
  • YOUR FIFE DIET: What’s missing from the Fife Diet? an interactive session led by Jamie Thoms to help us visualise our work to build a more sustainable food system and the steps we need to take to achieve this.


What are we feeding our kids at school? Robin Gourlay has pioneered sustainable school meals in East Ayrshire and is now looking across Scotland to do the same.


Go to our Eventbrite page here to book your place and we’ll send you out a full programme: http://fifediet.eventbrite.co.uk