packed lunch jar 3

There’s been a lot of focus (quite rightly) on the sometimes very poor quality meals we’re giving our children in schools. But we need to help each other come up with good ideas for packed lunches that are tasty and good for you. Here’s some ideas to get you going…

Packed lunches – thinking outside the box? The humble packed lunch: is it really something we need to think about? Here at the Fife Diet we think Yes!! These are the questions we have been asking and we would love to hear from you.

1. To box or not to box? What do you pack your lunch in?

A colourful Tiffin stacked with 3 courses?

Or perhaps a lovingly layered preserving jar? These can work well for soups, salads and stews, and come in sizes to suit all appetites. They are easy to clean and don’t retain the smell or colour of yesterday’s beetroot! Trickier though is fitting in a tasty sandwich or tortilla. Glass jars are also not the best for children or adults with butter fingers.

Is the modest plastic box still the firm favourite for packing your lunch? (That is if you can find the lid that fits!) Is it jazzed up for the kids with some stickers? Or are Japanese inspired Bento boxes the best for small appetites and grazers?

2. Is a packed lunch still a packed lunch without a sandwich? What do you pack for your lunch?

A warming soup or last nights leftovers?

Or maybe a Middle Eastern inspired pitta bread filled with falafels?

Is a classic sandwich combination more to your taste? How about Cheese and chutney, ham and coleslaw or a jam piece? Sandwiches are quick and easy to make with so many possibilities for fillings and all ages seem to love them. It can be tricky avoiding left over crusts and soggy bread though!

3. To Share or Not to Share? Can I have a bit of yours and you can try a bit of mine?

Yes! Please Do! Over the next few weeks we will post some of our favourite simple and fun packed lunch recipes. We would love Fife Diet Members to get in touch and share your ideas too; from the new and exciting recipes to the well used family favourites; from the kids cartoon pictured lunch box to the reliable flask and everything in between.

Let’s think in and out the lunch box together. Let’s elevate the once humble packed lunch to its rightful place as the midday savoury (or sweet) saviour!