Especially for Big Tent 2012, the Fife Diet has created a brand new festival smoothie machine. The Big Tent (Scotland’s environmental festival 21 – 22 July) is no ordinary festival and needs no ordinary smoothie bike, so we’ve made no ordinary Festival Bike! Ours makes seasonal smoothies but also offers shade and plays some groovy music to the discerning festival-goer as they recline to consider the wonders of the local food movement…

The smoothie bike is built from 100% recycled parts, including: bmx bike parts, an aluminum chair, a rainbow umbrella from a flea-market, second-hand electronic components, a mop handle, and a motor from an electric scooter that functions as a dynamo to generate the electricity for the sound system.

We teamed up with bike-designer Uula Jero (pictured). Uula hails from Finland, but now lives in Govan where he makes amazing cycle inventions. See his great blog here. He gets his bikes from scrap heaps at the Bike Station, and has built several other ‘Cargo Bikes’ – to make carrying shopping, luggage and small children easy- in collaboration with the Bike Station.

Also featuring at this years Big Tent is the Seed Truck, Fife Diet’s collaborative project with WWF Scotland, funded by the People’s Postcode Lottery.

We’ll be serving up strawberry, raspberry, gooseberry and tayberry smoothies from Pittormie Farm by Dairsie only a few miles from Falkland. As well as our amazing new smoothie machine we also have free workshops for kids with The Magic Porridge Pot (at 11.30, 1.30, and 3.30 Saturday and Sunday) with Mary Lou Anderson – ideal for four, five and six year olds.

We also have Wild Food walks at (11.00, 1.00, 3.00 and 5.00 on Saturday) with forager-extraordinaire Elspeth Killen.

Come join us!