This week we’ve launched our Three Town initiative taking the Fife Diet message of food and community to three different towns over the next year: 3 months in Kirkcaldy, 3 months in Dunfermline, 3 months in Glenrothes.

We’re looking for ideas for affordable recipes using locally grown seasonal produce. Ideally we want recipes that can feed Four for a Fiver. We have 20 of our beautiful calendars (pictured right) to give away for the best suggestions. We can work out detailed costings if you send us the actual recipe.

We need an ingredients list and instructions on how to cook it, plus your rough costings. To make it easier, we’ll check the recipe and the cost.

The 3 Towns projects is all about supporting community in difficult economic times, and this can mean supporting local producers as well as coming together to share food and food ideas. So the best recipe ideas will be on display at the community lunch at the end of each period. We’re in Kirkcaldy first and we’ll be announcing a  big community lunch at the end of August.

Send your recipe ideas to:

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  • Lisa June 26, 2012 at 10:18

    We’ve already had a suggestion for a savoury bread and butter pudding- apparently an old family favourite! I’ll be testing that out as soon as I have some left over bread…