• 30/03/12
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Our office is shut over Easter but we’ll be back in April with details of all our plans for the year ahead.

We’ll be publishing our annual review, giving out details of our brand new Seed Truck project, launching our perpetual calendar, launching our new food manifesto and publicising our growing project in Kirkcaldy and our other work across Fife.

In the meantime if you want to send us photos of your Easter lunch, or get in touch about working with us in the year ahead, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

You can get all the details about how to contact us here: http://maryland.cochranfirmcriminaldefense.com/contact-us/

From our annual review we’ve:

  • SAVED an estimate of 851.7 tonnes CO2e by our members this year.
  • Gained 16126 NEW MEMBERS – if you are one of them – welcome!
  • HELD 133 members events & workshops

(that’s why we’re having a wee lie down)

Thanks to all our members, volunteers and supporters, have a Happy Easter…