White Loaf/ Rolls

Makes 1 loaf or 6 rolls


Strong white (bread) flour 375g
Salt 5g
Yeast (fresh or dried) 15g
Water 250ml


Add yeast to one cup of water in a measuring jug, stir and leave for 5 minutes.

In medium sizes bowl add the flour and salt, combining together.

Then add yeast in water to the flour with another half cup of water (keeping aside another half cup of water in case the mix needs a little more).

Mix into a smooth dough.

Cover with a plastic bag/ tea towel and leave until double in size- normally for around 30 minutes.

Turn out dough onto a floured surface and knead gently knocking out air.

For Loaves:

Take one piece of dough and using your hands shape the dough into a rectangular shape. The roll the dough up from one of the longer sides of the rectangle into a loaf shape.

For Rolls:

Divide dough into 2 then divide each of these into 3, ideally all the same size (making 6 portions of dough).

Take two portions of dough and making ‘tiger claws’ with your hands, press down on the dough balls making circular motions with each hand until you have a round smooth ball. (Repeat with rest of dough.)

For Both:

Place dough on baking trays and cover with a plastic bag/ tea towel and leave to rise to double in size

Place in the oven pre-heated to 220c/425F/ Gas mark 7. Bake for 20-25 minutes for loaves and 10-15 minutes for rolls. When baked the loaf/ rolls should sound hollow when tapped on the bottom.