For the chance to win Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s Everyday Cooking, just answer the following questions

  1. The team attended a Farmers Market on 17th December, which one did they go to?

  2. Fruit trees have just been introduced to Broomhill Gardens, name one type!

  3. We have a big event happening in January which famous figure are we celebrating?

  4. We recently had a Zero Waste Local Christmas event in Falkland, name the chef who led the cooking demonstration.

  5. According to our Fife Diet Local web-pages, in which part of Fife is Glenrothes?

  6. Our next cookery workshop in on what date?

Tiebreaker (in event of a tie, the nearest guess wins!): As of December 25th, how many people have joined the Fife Diet?

Email answers to for your chance to win. Second place wins an exclusive Fife Diet t-shirt. Third place wins a complete set of Fife Diet seasonal recipe booklets.

Competition closes 5pm 29th December and winners will be announced in the New Year.

 Don’t forget, if you’re not already, you can become a member (or friend of the Fife Diet if you don’t live in Fife) via this link:

Merry Christmas from the Fife Diet Team!