The following is a message of support to the Food Revolt gathering at the weekend. Food First has been at the forefront of the food movement in USA since 1975.

Greetings from Food First, based in Oakland, California, where we are
busy occupying our food system!

We applaud the Food Revolt. Food rebellions are occurring around the
world as people stand up to take back their food systems from the
corporate food regime. To advance our alternatives, cool the planet,
feed out people and provide fair prices and wages to farmers and food
workers throughout the food value chain–to save Mother Earth–we must
overthrow the food regime that poisons us all and concentrates the
power and wealth. Our rebellion is big and small, it comes from the
North and South, from urban and rural, from young and old. We are
steadily converging in all our diversity, making the road as we
travel. Converge and politicize! The recurrent food, climate, fuel and
economic crises are a reflection that the old does not want to die
even as the new is trying to be born. Converge in all your powerful
diversity, politicize to create political will, ally yourself
steadfastly with those for whom losing hope is not an option because
when the poor and underserved are better off, we are all better off.
We can end the injustices that cause poverty, hunger and environmental
destruction. There never was a better time!

And one more thing. As you work and organize and struggle to change
the world, remember to take time to enjoy it Prepare and share good
food with friends and celebrate community. Walk in meadows and
forests, climb mountains, swim in lakes, rivers and the sea. Honor
these treasures daily in defiance of the 1% and their lackeys… do
all that, and as an old warrior once said, I promise you this: you
will outlive the bastards!


Eric Holt-Gimenez, Executive Director
Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy