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FRIDAY 4 NOVEMBER 7.30-9.30 pm – Buckhaven Theatre, in collaboration with Clear Buckhaven‘Enjoy Your Meal’ (this event if FREE)

A Fife premiere of this years must-see movie linking the meal on your plate to the global food chain, in Buckhaven’s hidden secret, the amazing 100-seater cinema space Buckhaven Theatre. Directed by award-winning Walther Grotenhuis, the film explores how food changes the world…

Journey from your local restaurant to Kenya via the Amazon rainforest and the Phillipines, to discover the twenty-first century social and environmental cost of your favourite meal. This creative and engaging doc reveals the Indian tribes made homeless as huge tracts of rainforest are burned to grow Soya beans, the main food for the piglet and the growing agro-fuels industry. Meanwhile, local fishermen in Asia and subsistence farmers in Kenya struggle to come to terms with the industrial use of the same water their livelihoods depend on. The food on our plate says more than we know about who we are.

Come and explore the alternatives to globalised food at Fife’s first and only screening.

We’ll be serving POPCORN & ICECREAM and celebrating the alternative. This movie night is FREE.

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