This weekend is the Nourish conference at the PI in Govan. Nourish is Scotland’s sustainable local food network which is collectively committed to… “working towards a sustainable Scotland in which, in every region we produce more of what we eat and eat more of what we produce. We believe a more localised food system would be better for the environment, health, community and economy of our country. We are building a movement to create a food system that is: locally based with shorter supply chains; promotes and respects seasonality; fair and accessible to all.”

The conference will run over Friday and Saturday and includes input from: Alastair Macintosh, James Withers, Chief Executive, Scotland Food and Drink, Kirtana Chandrasekaran (Friends of the Earth International), Maggie Gill, Sarah McBurnie, Unst Regeneration Growers Enterprise and many more.

Fife Diet will be running a workshop on Obesity and Climate Change (Friday after lunch) and another reporting on the Blasda local food feast (Saturday at 10am)

For full details and to sign up for the conference go here. 

ALSO, this Saturday immediately after the Nourish conference screening of Enjoy Your Meal at the GFT at 5.45 pm with the Fife Diet and WDM in after film discussion:

Here’s the film blurb: “Throughout the year a world of food is lying on our plate and changes the world. Has our food, from being both a temptation for our taste buds and a source of social gathering, degenerated to a matter of conscience?

Under what conditions is it being produced? Fish-breeding ponds polluting the environment, patches of bush being chopped down to have cattle grazing and beans also have their dark side: shortage of water in the region of origin.If we want to behave like conscious consumers we will have to clear a path through a minefield of moral choices and dilemmas.”

See the trailer here.