We’re developing a new publication ‘Make it Local But Make it Quick!‘   to combat the age old complaint “I don’t have time for this” … we are looking for your suggestions for recipes that are quick and easy that you can wolf down on the way out to the pub or while the kids are surrounding you … or when everyone’s moany and needs fed.

So no braised anything, no AGAs, no Slow Food, no marinated this or ‘make your own mayonnaise from scratch’, no obscure ingredients – just simple and easy recipes – GIVE US THEM NOW!

How fast is fast? About 20 minutes.

Best ideas win a Fife Diet t-shirt. Leave a comment below or email us at:

  • Donna September 27, 2011 at 20:34

    I agree Lisa – when things have to be speedy in our house it’s usually eggs (omlettes, quick frittatas) or pasta, which I know isn’t very Fife-diet friendly ;-( My family love pasta but I find it hard to always have to hand local/hand-made sauces – so ideas for seasonal sauces would be good. I have tried making pasta, but it’s so time-consuming and the ingredients aren’t from Fife anyway, so seems a bit pointless. We eat loads of baked potatoes with various fillings which although isn’t quick, are so easy, and we can eat with whatever salad/veggies are available. Making gnocchi is straightforward and they cook really quickly – can make with potatoes or squash/pumpkin. Risotto is another regular on our week-day table as pretty quick, and again is easy to combine with whatever veg we have..

    We would find a recipe book like this really useful. I find I make most of my Fife meals at the weekend when I have time, or when I batch cook something, during the week I struggle more and often fall off the bandwagon and resort to using our local co-op…

    I’d also find a ‘batch cooking’ cookbook really useful. I think I should be cooking lots of sauces and canning them for later in the year when the ingredients aren’t available – I’ve not done this before, but as our eating habits have changed with the Fife Diet, I think storing ahead would be a big help.

  • Lisa September 21, 2011 at 09:13

    If i’m in a hurry, I tend to reach for eggs, but maybe a veggie stir fry? Could you have a home made sauce in a jar- any suggestions for a good mix that will last?
    I’m also thinking something like the Scots Rarebit recipe but with winter greens.
    I’d suggest salad, but maybe with some warm ingredients for the winter months?