• 13/09/11
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After a really busy summer of events and action we are taking a few days to stand back and look at what we’re doing, how we work and what works best.

If you have ideas about working with us, would like to collaborate or want to get in touch, now’s the time before we launch our Autumn and Winter programme.

We work with schools, community groups, businesses, health projects, environmental organisations … because food and climate change affects us all we work with a very wide range of people.

The sorts of questions we are asking are: what are the difficult questions about food our research group should look at and publish? How can we improve our website? What kind of events do our members want? How do we deepen our reach and contacts within Fife?

We are open to new ideas and collaborative working.

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  • Rod Crawford September 21, 2011 at 13:55

    I’ve recently started as 1/2 of Fife’s zero waste coordinator based at the centre for stewardship in Falkland.
    Early doors I will be concentrating on establishing a “Love Food, Hate Waste” training centre.
    I think there may be areas we will be able to collaborate on and would welcome a contact.