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It’s easy to do, costs nothing and can open up a range of opportunities to explore and enjoy locally sourced food from Fife.

In the build up to reaching our 2000th member producers across Fife are teaming up with the Fife Diet to say thank you to people like you, who share a vision of great tasting food, strong local economies and a positive future where low carbon food is not the exception, but the norm.

Do you live in Fife, are you passionate about food? Maybe you already get a lot of your food locally – why not join today and get a chance to win this fabulous hamper? Keep an eye on this page for a full list of the hamper contents. If your already a member, email this link to your friends – if they win the hamper I’m sure they’ll invite you round for dinner to celebrate!

If you live elsewhere, we still need your support – join up as a friend of the Fife Diet and find out how you can bring the movement to where you live.

For now, we may be the largest local food movement in Europe but we need to share the common sense approach of reducing food miles with more people.

Check out these producers who have confirmed their support for this exciting hamper:

St Andrews Cheese Company:

Pillars of Hercules:

G.H Barnetts  & Son: 01333 310205

Luckie Ales:

Your Piece:

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