Blasda – Scotland’s Local Food Feast

  • 04/08/11
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Blasda - Scotland's local food feastThis September you’re invited to join hundreds of people up and down the country by setting up and hosting your own local food feast.

Blasda (Blasda is gaelic for tasty, delicious, appetising, sweet. From blas: “taste, flavour”)  is the chance to celebrate what’s special about the food from where you live.

The local food movement is becoming a key element to Scotland’s successful conversion to a low carbon economy and on Saturday Sept 10 2011 communities up and down the land will be hosting their own local food feasts.

Go here to find out all about the Blasda Food Feast.

Groups are holding ceilidhs, vegetarian feasts, potluck picnics, talks, food-films and soup kitchens. These are a jumble of size and shape, but the main idea is to get a sense of our collective networked effort.

From East Kilbride to Uist, from Toryglen to Skye, from Moffat to the Black Isle groups are joining up to host great food experiences. Some are pioneering aquaponics, or specialising in veggie food, there’s a primary school kitchen garden in Dundee and innovation in heating polytunnels with dung-heaps. We have universities, community-owned forests and urban gardens involved…all are part of the growing movement to try and create a better food system, one that connects with nature, values taste over uniformity and feeds the economy of a community instead of ripping it off.

If you want to be part of Blasda – just email us at, or leave your comments below and we’ll be in touch to send you out a pack of posters, stickers and widgets that will help advertise your event. You’ll be featured on the new Blasda website launching next week and can promote yourself on all of the emerging networks.

Each group can chose their own logo and edit their own poster to create a unique identity reflecting the food they want to munch: veggies, vegans, fregans or carnivores are all welcome.

  • Mike August 20, 2011 at 19:35

    Several more Edinburgh ‘Blasda’s’ being announced this week Andrew

  • Admin
    The Fife Diet August 8, 2011 at 19:56

    Yes! possibly two and probably more – depending on whether you think Portobello is ‘in’ Edinburgh?

  • Andrew August 8, 2011 at 17:32

    Are there any groups in Edinburgh taking part in Blasda?