flash fried foo yung220

by Lisa

The eggs make a nice change from the obligatory noodles/rice and I like that you can control the amount of salt in this recipe. Not sure how traditional it is, but it was very tasty!


Make a quick 2 egg omelet and keep warm.

In the same hot pan fry a little grated ginger
sliced onion
chopped pak choi stalks
long strips of carrots made with your veg peeler.
peanut butter
soy sauce


When the onions soften, put in a little minced garlic, but don’t allow to burn. Splash in soy sauce, a teaspoon of peanut butter and chilli to taste, add a dash of water to make a sauce to coat the veg, stir in the pak choi greens.

Once the last addition has wilted, place on the omelet, fold over and top with slices of radish for added freshness and crunch.