It took me along time to make this dish, as I’m not quite adept at the process yet. However, after glancing over the vegetables delivered by Bellfield Organics, I thought I should have a go at making a stew to say goodbye to the last of the Winter veg, and use the stewing steak from Dalachy farm which was waiting  in the Fridge.

So here’s the Stew


2 carrots, diced.
1/3 of a Swede, also diced
A roughly cut onion.
Some leftover Leek – I really wanted this for some colour.
Stewing Steak – coated with flower, and browned in butter.
Add a little bit of thyme and pepper

1/2 Pint of Beef Stock
1/2 Oat Stout.

Dumplings (I made 8):
Plain Flour
Baking powder
Salt, Parsley
Dash of cold water to mix.

The knack with dumplings to is use twice as much flour as suet or lard, add a bit of water and form until it’s a bit smoother like dough.


I let to beef and stock cook (thickened it with flour) on it’s own for an hour at 150c.
Then added the Vegetables which I sautéed in a pan to cook for another 1hr.
Add dumplings 25 minutes before serving.

I was in no rush to eat it, I’d usually make this in a slow cooker – but the stew cooked for a good 2hrs.



Potatoes (tonnes of, boiled then mashed – you know what to do)
A tablespoon of bacon bits, preferably smoked.
Spring greens, Cabbage (Sautéed before adding)
Add some butter, pinch of salt and some milk if your feeling generous.
Mash with Passion.

This meal would probably feed 5-6 people easily. I had a lot leftover, and as a single chap, it made sense for me to freeze most of it to enjoy another night, or maybe some day when I have someone special to share it with….