Dear Diary – What’s happening?

What is happening? By Richard

With any change, it would seem, it is fair to expect a combination of excitement and anxiety. After having moved home and changed my job I am now fully submerging myself in the Fifeness of it all!

So what has changed?

I expected fear, I expected excitement, I expected noble hardship….but early last Friday as I sat down to a lovely breakfast of sausages and free range eggs, I was surprised when it dawned on me that I’m actually eating very, very well. As my diet continues to change so to does my “relationship” with my food. When I have a meal, I feel respectful and grateful for and to what is on my plate, it’s as though I’m spending time with an old friend. I’m eating food more slowly, and spending a lot more time cooking. Although I’m by no means a gifted cook, I think with the amount of practice that I’m going to get in the years ahead, that I certainly won’t ever feel embarrassed or self conscious about my cooking ability.

When I left Edinburgh at the end of April 2011, my diet could have had been defined as very quick, featuring instant gratification, with an attempted pinch of contemporary culinary grace. Time seemed to be very short, I needed to cook it and eat it quickly; speed, not enjoyment, was at the top of my menu. By comparison, and this is only about a week in, I’m already finding a changing sense of time. It’s slowing down in a pleasant way. I don’t have more free time, but I enjoy spending more quality time cooking. I sit down at a table to eat, and that makes a surprising difference. I don’t digest the news while I digest my food. I’m starting to lose focus of what I am actually “doing” with the diet, and gradually gaining an awareness of what I am “being”.

Annoyingly, my wisdom teeth appear to be revisiting their mission to cause me mild discomfort and I’m starting to wonder whether eating this much oatmeal will help me grow a foot taller in the coming month….Recipes and much more to follow. I’m looking forward to tasting a range of food in the coming weeks, and would very much welcome any recommendations. Feel free to comment. I’ll try every suggestion!