• 12/04/11
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This week the Bread Club returns. After a time off while Matthew instals his new oven we have been bereft of loaf. Bread Club’s a collaboration between Fife Diet and the Steamie Bakehouse and currently operates in Burntisand, Kinghorn. If you’d like to be involved or set up a new one, contact us.

Each week freshly baked loaves are delivered to a central ‘hub’ then gleefully picked up by Bread Club members. Different specials each week keep you on your toes.

Matthew writes: “This weeks special will be a Meteil: a rye bread containing at least an equal proportion of wheat to rye flour to give the crumb strength and structure.”

“Next week the special will be hot cross buns, which my sister has been requesting pretty much since last Easter. They were very well received last year; you can read the recipe on our blog here”.