Anyone else feeling the long haul out of winter? Idea for what to do with the more limited range of veg available at this time of year are welcome. Share it in our What’s for Tea? page or email us and we’ll add it in to the recipes section.

In search of inspiration I found myself at Pillars of Hercules shop the other and picked up their amazing fresh organic salad.

These are wintered-over crops from their polytunnel. They have produced this amazing salad packed with a rich mix of mizuna, tai sai, sorrel, endive, dill, chives, parsley and red salad (plus loads more I’ve forgotten). Unlike most supermarket bags the salad will need to be cleaned, but the upside to this is it’s not been chlorinated (more on salad bags here).

To have this sort of goodness delivered to your door each week, contact Ralph here.