SOS to Greens & Foodies

Greens, foodies and progressives moan all the time about the power of the supermarkets – so this is the day to do something about it! Yesterday the Scotsman was publishing ASDA press releases on the subject.

MSPs are going to vote on the Supermarket Tax today (Thursday). It also looks as though Labour, LibDem and Tories will vote against it. The tax could help protect and regenerate local businesses.

Please let MSPs voting against this move know that their vote will not go unnoticed by voters. Find your list and constituency MSPs here. You need to do this NOW.

As UK Uncut points out: “Tesco control 30% of the UK grocery market and have over 2,000 stores in the UK. In 2010 they made a profit of £3.4bn, yet they will still go to great lengths to avoid paying tax. Using complex legal structures Tesco has avoided stamp duty land tax to the tune of £90-£100m and £23m in stamp duty.”

And as Alex Porter has written: “Almost three-quarters of Scotland’s businesses – 74% – support the SNP Government’s proposed ‘supermarket tax’, which aims to raise £30 million for public services, according to Scotland’s most important business organisation – the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) Scotland. With the Holyrood elections approaching the supermarket chains are behind a campaign to have the SNP drop the levy. This campaign by the corporate giants will promote the message that town centres and retailers in general will suffer, however evidence shows that around 92.3% of the tax will be paid by the big five out of town chains: Tesco, Asda, Morrison, Sainsbury and B&Q.”

Democracy Distorted has tracked the impact and influence of big business on politics. At the last election Tesco gave £17k to Labour in sponsorship and £6k to the Liberals. Asda gave nearly £15k to Labour and £7k in sponsorship to the Conservatives. This is the money we know about.

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  • Osbert Lancaster February 2, 2011 at 12:01

    today is Wednesday, not Thursday – but the vote is today!