New Year is a time for resolutions. Only thing is it’s not really about YOU any more. Why not join us and be part of what Satish Kumar called: “An inspiring sign of the coming movement for real change and resilient communities.”

Fife Diet is recruiting you…every new member will get the appropriate seasonal recipe book free on joining.

Go here to join and we’ll send you one out.

Become a  member and you will get:

  • Monthly E-newsletter
  • Special secret members-only events and offers
  • Sign up for your FREE carbon foodprint analysing your households eating patterns and giving you ideas on how to reduce your impact
  • 80/20 advice
  • A producers list of all the main local food producers near you
  • Free seasonal recipe booklet

Live outside Fife but still keen to be involved? It’s not  a problem, we have members across the world. Join as  a Friend: Go here for details.

One Comment
  • Sandy Murray February 3, 2011 at 22:45

    This is fantastic. I live in Tasmania Australia where the Tassie Devil lives and have had the idea, over the past 5 years, to start to investigate the future ‘Tassie Diet’. You’ve inspired me!.