How Much CO2 is Created By? …

“Every action, every event, every person, everything emits a certain amount of carbon, but putting it in perspective can be a bit tough.” Have a look at this amazing application that helps you ‘visualize data’.

Click here to see how much CO2 is produced by1kg of strawberries…then compare it with…imported asparagus….air freighted oranges…1 kg of frozen shrimp…or whatever. It kicks out some interesting facts.

Did you know that the average North American is responsible for generating almost twice the C02 as the average UK citizen, and nearly four times as much as the average world citizen?

Check out all of their Ecomagination tools here.

This is truly an amazing piece of software and design. The irony is that this is created by GE (General Electric) – a company with one of the worst environmental records in the history of mankind. See this artcile here for some background on GE’s track record and make your own mind up.