Bread Club Festive Update

Some lucky Fife Diet members (and non members) continue to enjoy membership of the Bread Club. Each week batches of freshly-baked hand made loaves are delivered to ‘hubs’ in Burntisland and Kinghorn. There’s room for more in each hub and potential for one in Kirkcaldy if there’s enough interest. You get brilliant bread, regular seasonal specials (hot cross buns, fruit loaf, hearth haggerty, sour doughs and spelt loaves).

The baker is Matthew from the Steamie Bakehouse in Dunfermline, a self-confessed bread-geek. This week he is getting excited about his new spiral-mixer.

Here is Matthew waxing lyrical about the Christmas delivery:

“The last of our christmas special’s is Julekage. According to Peter Reinhardt, it is a Danish variant on the better-known stollen – but actually I suspect that recipes are as many and various as the bakers who make them. The sweet wholemeal dough is flavoured with cardomom, and, in our version, the marzipan spirals through the crumb so you get more almondy mouthfuls. The loaves are somewhat larger than our usual ones: Large: 1.4kg, Small: 680g. Prices are large: 4.80, small: 3.90. Please let me know if you’d like one.”

If you want to know more about the Bread Club, join the existing clubs or set up your own hub, get in touch.