Christmas on an Ecological Budget

Skint? Green? Sick of consumerism, but mostly just skint? Me too.

Wendy wrote in with this idea…’Just thinking about Christmas time and how we can make it more local and sustainable, for a tree we could try and find an organically locally grown one but for those of us on a budget that can be a bit dear so here is my alternative suggestion. Find any big vegetation and just play about until it looks the way you want it.  Add some lights a bit of tinsel and any baubles you can find.’

Re-gift and thrift are the watchwords at Fife Diet mansion. DIY, fill-your-own, cracker kits can actually work out pricier than buying cheap, ready made crackers but are a lot more fun. Buy a kit from the Oxfam Ethical Collection, available in stores and online at Oxfam and you’ll also be contributing towards the charity’s work.

If you’ve got ideas for saving-money on Christmas food or presents leave a comment with your suggestions.  Remember this Christmas ‘we’re all in this together’. Ho ho ho.