This is Snow Food…This is a delicious Winter supper – totally easy and quick! This is heavy on the cabbage too – and I say cook as much cabbage as you can – you can always keep the extra to use with something tomorrow.


Sausages – try any of Fife’s options, and allow 2/3 per person
Cabbage – works well with all green and savoy cabbage. use two small or one large – you want to allow plenty per person. Caraway seeds
Your favourite mustard
salt & pepper


For the Sausages: Fry the sausages over a medium-high heat, in a tiny bit of oil, in a large frying pan, until nicely browned. For the Cabbage: Once the sausages are underway prepare the cabbage. Remove the outer leaves, cut in half and cut out the coarse middle. Finely shred the cabbage and wash in a colander under running water. Put the cabbage in a lidded pot with enough water to allow a couple of centimetres to cover the base of the pan. Sprinkle over a generous teaspoon of caraway seeds. Put the lid on and steam till just tender – but leaving a bit of bite. Drain the water off and return to the pan adding a knob of butter if you like. Put the lid on to keep warm till you need it. To Eat: Place a large mountain of cabbage on each plate, season with salt and pepper and then place 2 or 3 sausages on top, and a good dollop of mustard on the side. Depending on how hungry you are you might want to have some bread with this too – or maybe pudding instead.