one celeriac
some butter
salt and pepper


I’ve always struggled a bit with celeriac and what to do with it. But over the course of the year, I’ve found that, as with many things, sometimes less really is more and I just love this rich, sweet, almost pudding like and very easy way with celeriac.

Remove all the outer skin of the celeriac and cube into even sized pieces. Now you can either steam on the hob as you would any other root veg or try cooking it in the microwave which works really well. So, for the microwave method put the celeriac in a microwave proof bowl and add about 1 cup of water. Put in a few knobs of better, salt and pepper. Cover with a lid – but not fully so some steam can escape and set the microwave for 5 minutes at a time. I found it took about 10 minutes till it was soft to a knife.

Remove from the microwave and transfer to a blender reserving the cooking water. Add a little more butter, salt and pepper and whiz up till it is smooth adding the reserved cooking water as needed to get the right consistency.