Cauliflower Fritters


Cauliflower broken into bite-sized florets, dusted with a little flour
Oil for deep frying
200g  self-raising flour
350 ml soda water, tonic water or cold beer
any extra flavours from herbs or spices you like


Mix flour with the extra herbs or spices.  Mix in enough liquid to thickness of double cream.  Season with salt and leave to stand.

Prepare cauliflower (or other seasonal veg) as above.  Heat 10 cm of oil in pan or wok.  Check temp by dropping in a drop of batter, when it floats the oil is hot enough.  Dip vegetables into batter and carefully place in oil.  Stand well back so you are not splashed with hot oil.  Fry a few at a time, so pan does not become over crowded as this can cool oil down too much.  Turn in pan and remove with slotted spoon, once the batter is brown and crisp.  Serve immediately after draining on kitchen towel.  Experiment with other vegetables and seasonings to find your favourite